Multi-Camera Broadcast Studios

İTV has access to the highest-quality multi-camera broadcast studios for any kind of programme production, fully staffed and connected to satellites all over the world.

We offer a wide range of television services, both in the studio and in the field. Our operations are based on a solid group of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art technology. We are able to turn your vision into reality while guaranteeing the highest of quality.

Live transmissions

We offer complete technical service for live transmissions. Direct satellite uplinks permit real-time transmission, allowing for multi-purpose communication.

Production services for video converences

We film academic conferences, congresses, and public gatherings. Such meetings may also be transmitted to other cities or to academic institutions. We transmit television signals, including HD quality signals, of medical operations and procedures. We film lectures and academic discussions. Such material can be adapted to e-learning formats both online and offline.

Commercial, documentary and promotional films

We are ready to undertake production work on all kinds of commercial projects. We make commercial films for companies, presenting both the company and its products and services in an appealing light. We also cover sporting and cultural events for later distribution on DVD as a one-off release.