About Us

İTV Ltd. is an experienced comprehensive world-class provider of end-to-end transmission via satellites and production services to the global broadcasting industry. Our clients include television, radio and data channels.

İTV was founded in 2007 and providing following uplink, downlink and turnaround services via satellites for television, radio and data channels and integration and operation of mobile and stationary uplink and downlink satellite systems.

İTV provides Uplink, Downlink and Turnaround Services using Teleports, Flyaway and Transportable Uplink and Downlink Systems with dishes for, KU-Band.

Providing Global Services

İTV Ltd. is a global satellite service provider providing Uplink, Downlink, Turnaround services and end-to-end transmission for televisions.

İTV operates full broadcast news support services around the world. The company maintains strategic relationships with partner companies across the region to provide integrated and comprehensive services for clients.

Each location has all production and transmission facilities and personnel for any broadcaster needs. The technological network is enhanced by local and regional editorial expertise, giving support to any correspondents requiring specialist knowledge and background.